Stock Exchange Market



Our independent audit gives assurance about information transparency from the listed companies with their stocks or debt in the stock exchange market.

With cloud technology, the Audit Committees have the clarity, opportunity and permanent feedback of the progress of the audits, as well as the assurance that the required independence will be maintained. To achieve these objectives we combine the following distinctive features:


  • A high degree of reliability of our audit reports in the financial markets, due to the prestige of our business brand
  • Smart audit processes
  • Properly Trained staff
  • Individual attention from the partners
  • Advanced technological applications.


Likewise, we participate in the fiduciary market by assisting trust funds and their clients in our areas of expertise.




Stock Exchange Market disclosures

Baker Tilly Ecuador is registered for performig Stock Exchange Audits with the number  2009.1.14.00047.

Following the dislosures required by law:



Corporate Governance

We have the experience and capabilities to advice the Stock Market entities, financial institutions, mutual and cooperative entities on corporate governance regulations compliance.

Contact Us:

Av. Amazonas 4600 y Pereira, Edificio Exprocom, Oficina 502.
T: +593 (02) 2266 283
F: +593 (02) 2266 284

Chimborazo 418 y Clemente Ballén Edificio Chimborazo, Oficina 202. – Ecuador
T: +593 (04) 6005 096


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