Tax Compliance and Due Dilligence

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Tax Diagnosis and Due Dilligence

Tax Diagnosis and Due Dilligence

Tax Diagnosis

Focused on the Client and its peace of mind on a long-term basis. We are truly experts in preventive Tax Diagnosis. It is an independent specialized audit service, for internal purposes that offer the following benefits:


  • Risks management control and tax contingencies detection
  • Potencial financial savings
  • Constructive advice
  • Tax training on the go
  • Confidentiality
  • Strategic and long term advice

For non-audit clients


Due diligence

Multi-disciplinary investigation in mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, with a focus on the detection of risks and contingencies in general. In a high-risk environment, it is of extreme importance to cover the following aspects, that generate value on the revisions carried out in these cases:


  • Impact of doubtful regulations
  • Labour relations issues
  • Unsolved tax matters
  • Potencial tax costs due to an inadequate legal structure of the business
  • Comercial lawsuits
  • Regulatory interventions
  • Technology issues
  • Real-state matters
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