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Abroad Expenditures Certification

Ecuadorian Tax Law enables the possibility to deduct abroad expenditures with an audit certification in Ecuador and in foreign territory in order to avoid or reduce withholding tax. Regulations stablish the cases and features in which this certification is required. Certifications will address the relevance of this expenditure for such activity and its quantity. Additionally this certification must also include a clear explanation of why this payment would not be considered as taxable income in Ecuador.

Baker Tilly Ecuador, through Baker Tilly International’s members, certifies these expenditures in any country. The local input is reflected in the evaluation of the applicability of the transaction during the process until receiving the final report.

Baker Tilly International’s business partners know each other personally, which facilitates the grasp of this matter and the priority attention to this task by the international teams.

Our experience includes certifications from expenditures in Europe including Spain, Germany, Switzerland as well as China, the United States, Canada, Mexico and nearly all countries in Latin America.

  • Superintendencia de Companias
  • Stock Exchange
  • Superintendencia de Bancos
  • Superintendencia de Entidades del Sector Popoular y Solidario
  • Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
  • Union Europea
  • Misereor
  • Pan para el Mundo
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